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Dream Tale Puppets

Short Workshops After the Show

Series of Shows and Workshops with Polish Theatre Institute

Between 2015 and 2014, Dream Tale Puppets partnered with the Polish Theatre Institute of NYC to produce a Polish version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” and to present the show to students of 25 Polish supplementary schools and their families. Dream Tale Puppets visited schools from Connecticut to Pennsylvania, offering after-show puppetry workshops that ranged from a half hour to an hour. Children learned about hand puppets, traditional Polish rod puppets (kukielki), and table top puppets. The time and fun was divided between demonstrations and hands-on activities, exercises, games, and scene improvisations.

Peek at Puppetry at Truro Public Library

This one hour workshop at Truro Public Library offered a concise introduction to puppetry arts for children between 5 and 10 years old. Children tried out hand puppets, rod puppets, and table top puppets, with gentle guidance in manipulation. They enjoyed improvising and creating short and simple scenes. During the second part of the workshop, children created simple hand puppets.


March 4, 2017