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Dream Tale Puppets

Three Little Pigs

This charming 25-minute-long puppet show is a favorite of family parties. Created with a small audience in mind it brings to life the adventures of well know three little piglets outsmarting the bad big wolf. Discussions with mommy pig, construction works of three very different houses, and arguments with the naughty wolf take place on top and around a cloth-covered table. In “Three Little Pigs” puppeteer use four rod puppets (pigs) one hand puppet (wolf), and a variety of home building materials. There are two performers – one narrating and giving voices to the puppets, and another bringing puppets to life through motion. Performers are Jacek Zuzanski (puppeteer) and Margaret Moody, Robert Bock, or Laura Opie. Usually, after the show, the performers, puppets, and props are available for children to meet, get a closer look, ask questions, and play.
A short workshop in acting with various types of puppets or in building simple hand or rod puppets could follow up the presentation. Please check the section about workshops for more information.

The best audience size: up to 50 children.
Children should be seated on the floor 2-3 feet away from stage area.
Audience age: 3 – 8 years old
Stage minimal size: 12’ wide x 7 deep
Set up: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Corresponds to Subject/curriculum areas: Language Arts: Stories

The production of this show was supported by Cape Cod Children’s Museum