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Dream Tale Puppets


Rumpelstilskin follows the well-known fairy tale about a girl whose father, the Miller, loved her so much that he made up stories about her unusual talents. Truthfulness wasn’t something the Miller cared much about, but after he bragged to the king whose treasury coffers were empty, he put his only child into big trouble. His daughter Kathleen had to spin straw into gold or lose her life! Fortunately, an odd-looking stranger jumped straight into the story and offered help. Accepting help from strangers is always risky business, and that is how it was this time. After the king married Kathleen and made her into the queen, she gave her royal husband a child — but she was faced with losing it all if she could not pass one more test: finding a well-hidden word – the name of a mysterious stranger.
This 40- 45 minutes long show features five beautifully crafted table-top puppets brought to life by two masterful puppeteers: Jacek Zuzanski and Norina Reif or Margaret Moody.

The best audience size: up to 200 children.
Children should be seated on the floor 2-3 feet away from stage area.
Audience age: 4 – 10 years old
Minimum stage size: 16’ wide x 10’ deep.
We require two banquet size tables.
Set up time: 1 and a half an hour. Strike time: 1 hour
Corresponds to Subject/curriculum areas: Language Arts: Fairy Tales.

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This show was produced thanks to the generous support of Cape Cod Conservatory