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Dream Tale Puppets

Alice, or the Red King's Dream

Dream Tale Puppets invites you to a world of fantasy, make-believe, and play. As two vagabond-like characters banter and tease each other, they find and bring to life a puppet of a little girl. They call her Alice and set her on a journey to find her lost kitten. Alice enters a world of puzzles inhabited by talking flowers and a collection of characters from Lewis Carroll’s stories. Each of Alice’s encounters, some nonsensical, some funny, challenges her sense of reality 

and sense of self. But she has to find her lost kitten and by pursuing her goal she moves on, overcomes doubts, and in the end even defeats the most frightening creature of the land behind the looking glass.
Puppeteers use tabletop, figure, and rod puppets, altogether about twenty-five puppets of various kinds and sizes. The show is an hour long. Best for 5 years old and up.

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The production of this show wouldn’t have been possible without support of John Wesley United Methodist Church of Falmouth and Polish Theatre Institute of NYC

We are also grateful to the Puppet Showplace Theater of Brookline where our production received a vital support through the Incubator Program.

We are sending our deep gratitude to the very supportive public libraries in Middleborough, Kingston, Arlington, and Somerville, to Arlington Center for the Arts, and to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford.