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Saturdays with Puppets

Dream Tale Puppets presents three puppet troupes with fantastic tales to delight families. Join us on three Saturdays -- April 30, May 14 and June 11 -- at 11am at John Wesley United Methodist Church, Gifford Street & Jones Road in Falmouth.

Tickets are $8, available at the door on the day of the show.

Aprily 30, 11am
by Margaret Moody Puppets of Arlington

Mr. Badger is thrilled to meet Blossom, a flower fairy, in the garden. He flies away with her to help the fairies build a playground. But then it’s complicated: the fairies won’t use cement; and Mr. Badger wants to learn to fly. This gentle tale is based on European fairy lore and performed with hand puppets and sets built by visual artist Sandra Pastrana and Margaret Moody. Alison Plante of Berklee School of Music composed original music for the piece based on Celtic melodies. “Badger Meets the Fairies” is best for ages 4 to 10, and lasts 40 minutes.

Margaret Moody loves to use the small puppets and acrobatic movements of traditional Taiwanese puppetry, which she studied in Taiwan, in her puppet shows. In addition to her work as a solo artist and with Galapagos Puppets, Margaret performs and studies with Jacek Zuzanski of Dream Tale Puppets. She lives in Arlington, MA.


 More information: www.margaretmoodypuppets.com/shows/badger-meets-the-fairies-2/

May 14, 11am
by Sparky's Puppets of Cranston, Rhode Island

Enter the magical world of children's stories. Watch a timid mouse rescue a fierce lion in “The Lion and the Mouse.” Sing along with the grasshopper in “The Grasshopper and the Ant.” Meet “The Country Mouse and the City Mouse.” Watch the exciting race between “The Tortoise and the Hare”. And see what happens when a naughty boy cries “Wolf!” too many times.  These fables have been entertaining and teaching children since they were first told in ancient Greece. A perfect choice for children ages 3 to 10.

Sparky’s Puppets dramatize favorite children’s stories with colorful hand puppets, lively humor and plenty of audience participation.  They have entertained children and family audiences throughout New England for over 35 years.

The puppets of lion and the mouse

 More information: www.sparkyspuppets.com

June 11, 11am
by Deborah Costine Puppeteer! of Southborough

“The Twig Family in the Oak Tree” is a happy, gentle story about a family of imaginary “twig” people who live in harmony with nature.  Their oak tree provides Leaf, Fern and their daughter Mossy with everything they need to live and be happy.  It is their home, they grind the acorns into dough for bread, they collect rainwater to drink and the leaves of the tree give them oxygen for fresh air.  AND it’s a fun place to live! 
What a surprise when they receive a visit from “cousin Lawn” who is determined that they should leave their home! The “Tree Stage” is constructed entirely of papier mâché. And the Twig Family people are free-standing puppets that move from place to place in the tree. Appropriate for ages 4 and up. The show runs about 45 minutes.

This original story is by puppeteer, artist, author, and naturalist Deborah Costine, who has been presenting school and public performances throughout New England for over thirty years. Deborah has the distinction of receiving the highest award in Puppetry in North America; The UNIMA USA Citation for Excellence as well as a grant from the Jim Henson Foundation, for the production of her original show: “Turtle’s New Home.” In recent years she has begun to turn her art and puppetry into stories that encourage young children to explore and appreciate nature. 

The "tree puppet stage" built by Deborah Costine, she and her puppets

 More information: www. deborahcostinenaturepuppets.com

The "Saturdays with Puppets" is presented with the generous support of John Wesley United Methodist Church and friends of Dream Tale Puppets.

  John Wesley United Methodist Church

Gifford Street & Jones Road


We started our public puppetry series in Falmouth in 2011, as the "Cape Cod Puppet Gam."
Below you will find links to the programs of our summer series in 2014 and 2015.

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