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Dream Tale Puppets presents

On summer 2019 Dream Tale Puppets presents five puppet troupes with shows to delight families. Join us on Saturday, July 6th, Monday, July 15th, Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday August 18th at the Woods Hole Community Hall and on Thursday, August 1st at Falmouth Museums on the Green

Tickets are $8, available at the door on the day of the show.

Saturday, July 6th, 4:30 pm, at the Woods Hole Community Hall
by Dream Tale Puppets

“Rumpelstilskin” follows the well-known fairy tale about a girl whose father, the Miller, makes up stories about her unusual talents. After he brags to the king, his daughter has to spin straw into gold or lose her life! The young heroine faces a diversity of challenges, difficulties, and obstacles. The audience has a chance to explore the nature of luck and the choices characters made as they accompany the girl as she balances between losing hope and gaining trust and a sense of self-worth. This 40- minute show features five skillfully crafted table-top puppets. Puppeteers Jacek Zuzanski and Norina Reif, will each perform a number of roles as they bring the tale to life.

Recommended for all ages 4 and up. Table top puppets. Length: 45 minutes.

Puppeteer and Puppet


Monday, July 15th, 4:30 pm, at the Woods Hole Community Hall
by Deborah Costine Nature Puppets

In this new version of the classic story, Cinderella is a woodland fairy who lives with her stepmother and stepsister in an enormous old tree in the forest. The King of all woodland fairies wants his son to marry a princess, but none can be found. The Prince is looking for someone who is kind and good. The mean stepsister is sure that having the most “stuff” makes her the best. So the King hosts a grand ball and commands that every single fairy maiden in the land must attend. He is hoping that a fairy princess will come, and he knows the secret to identifying a true fairy princess!

The show runs about 45 minutes.  Q. and A. after are welcome.

Deborah is an artist, author, naturalist and professional puppeteer who has been performing throughout New England since 1974. In recent years she has begun to turn her art and puppetry into stories that encourage young children to explore and appreciate nature. 
“A Woodland Cinderella” won the coveted  U.N.I.M.A. USA CITATION OF EXCELLENCE,  the highest award in puppetry in North America.

Puppet stage and puppeteer with puppets

More information: www.deborahcostinenaturepuppets.com

Thursday, August 1st, 4:30 pm, at the Falmouth Museums on the Green
by Deborah Costine Puppeteer! of Southborough

“The Twig Family in the Oak Tree” is a happy, gentle story about a family of imaginary “twig” people who live in harmony with nature.  Their oak tree provides Leaf, Fern and their daughter Mossy with everything they need to live and be happy.  It is their home, they grind the acorns into dough for bread, they collect rainwater to drink and the leaves of the tree give them oxygen for fresh air.  AND it’s a fun place to live! 
What a surprise when they receive a visit from “cousin Lawn” who is determined that they should leave their home! The “Tree Stage” is constructed entirely of papier mâché. And the Twig Family people are free-standing puppets that move from place to place in the tree.

Appropriate for ages 4 and up. The show runs about 45 minutes.

This program is supported in part by a grant from The Falmouth Cultural Council, local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

The "tree puppet stage" built by Deborah Costine, she and her puppets

 More information: www. deborahcostinenaturepuppets.com

Saturday, August 3rd, 4:30 pm, at the Woods Hole Community Hal
by Cactus Head Puppets

CactusHead Puppets presents a circus like no other! Join Max, the Monsters’ Caretaker, in this fun and interactive show performed with several different styles of puppets as they guide you through the world of monsters, and maybe even lend the monsters a hand yourself. You'll meet many friendly monsters in this table-top big top, and witness their amazing tricks of daring-do! All are invited to step right up and enjoy the thrills of the Clarissa the Crested Cannon, experience the chills of Eustace the Uni-Browed, Uni-cycling, Uni-monster as he tackles the Sinister Snake Slack-rope, make friends with the Fiery Fanged Worm, and more in The Magnificent Monster Circus!
Show length - 40 min. plus Q&A after the show.

John and Megan Regan are known for their playful performance style and exuberant creativity. They founded CactusHead Puppets in West Springfield in 2010. Since then, they have created numerous shows based on favorite, familiar folktales and have toured throughout Western New England. John and Megan are both graduates of the University of Connecticut's Puppet Arts program and are resident artists of Puppets Showplace Theater of Brookline.

Puppeteer and puppet

 More information: www.cactusheadpuppets.com


Thursday, August 1st, 4:30 pm, at at the Woods Hole Community Hal
by Sarah Nolen, Puppet Showplace Theater Resident Artist

After being pushed around for over 400 years, the famous hand puppet heroine Judy has had enough! Cheer her on as she goes on a quest for respect, justice, and a well-deserved nap. This modern interpretation of the traditional "Punch and Judy" show is a hilarious, timely, hand-crafted farce that the whole family will enjoy!

Recommended for all ages 4 and up. Hand Puppets. Length: 45 minutes.

Sarah Nolen is a puppeteer and filmmaker originally from Austin, Texas. As Puppet Showplace Theater’s resident artist, she performs regularly for youth and family audiences and teaches puppetry in camps, workshops, residencies, and evening adult classes. Sarah earned her BFA in film from Southern Methodist University, and an MFA in Puppet Arts from the University of Connecticut. Known nationally for her versatile, witty, and innovative work across multiple puppetry styles, she has appeared in the National Puppet Slam, at the Puppets in Paradise Festival, and the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. Sarah has toured internationally as part of the ensemble for Reverse Cascade, and has performed as principal puppeteer for the immersive multi-media show Pip's Island in NYC.

Two glove puppets

 More information: www.puppetshowplace.org/resident-artists

The series in Woods Hole Community Hall is sponsored by John Wesley United Methodist Church and supported in part by a grant from Woods Hole Foundation.

We are grateful to your partners: Falmouth Museums on the Green and Woods Hole Community Association, our constant supporter and sponsor John Wesley United Methodist Church and supporters of this year presentations in Falmouth, Falmouth Cultural Council and in Woods Hole, Woods Hole Foundtion.


  John Wesley United Methodist Church


  Woods Hole Foundation


  Woods Hole Community Association


  Falmouth Museums on the Green


 Falmouth Cultural Council


We started our public puppetry series in Falmouth in 2011, as the "Cape Cod Puppet Gam."
Below you will find links to the programs of our summer series in 2014 and 2015.

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Puppet Gam 2015

Cape Cod
Puppet Gam 2014


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