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Cape Cod Puppet Gam 2014

Whalers who met on the high seas held a gam to tell their lively tales.

In summer 2014 three imaginative puppet companies told their adventurous tales at the Cape Cod Puppet Gam, held on five Tuesday afternoons in Falmouth.
The shows, which were best for ages 3 and up, were presented to children, parents, friends and grandparents at John Wesley UnitedMethodist Church, Gifford Street & Jones Road, from July 8 to August 5.

July 8, 4pm
by Dream Tale Puppets
Dream Tale Puppets spins a lively tale of gold and guessing games with rod puppets. Puppeteers Jacek Zuzanski and Margaret Moody perform in tabletop style, with puppeteers and puppets visible to the audience.
July 15, 4pm
by Margaret Moody of Galapagos Puppets
The Monkey King is thrilled to have a job in the Heavenly Peach Gardens – but can’t resist eating all the Jade Emperor’s magical peaches and bending heavenly rules. Margaret Moody presents this episode of the Chinese epic“ Journey to the West” with traditional Taiwanese puppets and choreography.

two hand puppets

July 22, 4pm
by Foreign Landscapes Productions
When Jasper’s favorite Red Ball is whisked away by the tides, he sets out on an adventure across the ocean, under the waves and into the clouds. Will he ever get his Red Ball back? Find out in this stunning production featuring multiple styles of puppetry and lots of sea-faring fun!
"The Great Red Ball Rescue" was created by Faye Dupras with the generous support of the Jim Henson Foundation. 

The Puppet of the boy with a red ball

July 29, 4 pm
by Dream Tale Puppets
Enjoy two adventures – “Three Little Pigs” and “Little Red Riding Hood” – created with a small audience in mind. In this improvisational form of puppet theatre, Jacek Zuzanski performs with rod and hand puppets, accompanied by lively voices and narration of Norina Reif, Laura Opie and Robert Bock.

August 5, 4pm
by Dream Tale Puppets
Jacek Zuzanski presents a joyous version of the classic tale of Jack, the cow and the beans using hand, rod and figurine puppets and masks. Margaret Moody and Robert Bock provide voice and narration.

The "Cape Cod Puppet Gam" is presented with the generous support of John Wesley United Methodist Church, the Cape Cod Children's Museum, and friends of Dream Tale Puppets. Also, the series is supported in part by a grant from Falmouth Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. 

John Wesley United Methodist Church

Gifford Street & Jones Road


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